Frontpoint has become known for its phenomenal customer service, easy pricing, and features like DIY installation that can save you time and of course, money. If you're a renter, always on the move, or just looking into the future, they offer completely wireless and removable equipment that you can take anywhere when it's time to move.

This relieves the stress of using power tools when you install, leaving no damage or holes in the wall like other popular home security systems. They also offers their clever Crash and Smash Protection technology that essentially safeguards you in case of damage to your control panel during a break-in, more on that later. Purchasing from them is very straightforward and simple.

Really the only thing required is that you must have cellular reception where you live as it uses the more reliable cell network's instead of Wi-Fi to monitor your residence. They are definitely becoming one of the best do it yourself home automation companies..

They are known to provide world class customer service backed by their risk free 30-day trial. Their mission plan is to deliver an unforgettable customer experience and a safer, smarter, simpler alarm solution for every unique individual's needs. They provide a wide range of wireless sensors to detect any possible signs of foul play. Whether it’s a door opening unexpectedly, a window being broken, carbon monoxide in the air or even water on the floor. They have really taken the initiative to turn this setup into a fully automated smart home technology system.

They currently offer three powerful packages to choose from: Protection, Interactive, and the Ultimate package. The monthly prices for these monitoring packages range from $34.99 up to $49.99. These packages are all 100% cellular, with the higher priced options offering additional features and devices like automated light and temperature controls along with indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

Frontpoint security always uses completely wireless equipment that is backed by cellular monitoring. Cellular monitoring uses a wireless signal exactly like your cell phone would. However, unlike a cell phone, it can and will work even if you have a very weak signal. Cellular monitoring is an important choice for alarm systems because Wi-Fi is often unreliable.

From a safety perspective, this implies a couple different things; There is obviously no way that a would-be intruder could simply snip a wire and disable your whole service seeing as it is after all, wireless. This is different from many older alarm systems that still rely on landline connections. It also means that your system will work even if your internet/Wi-Fi crashes. This is because the system is not relying on your personal internet, instead it is relying on a cellular chip that is built into the main hub. As a matter of fact, their system will work even if your power also goes down thanks to the battery backup feature and all your wireless battery powered sensors.

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