All Robina Accessories

Use our Robina Floors 3-in-1 cushion (underlayment) between the subfloor and your new laminate or engineered wood floor. Here is your 3-in-1 advantage:

1 – It is a moisture barrier

2 – It cushions and levels the subfloor

3 – It dampens sound

The cushion is designed with an attached tape and flap to make installation faster and less frustrating.

Robina Floors Approved Underlayment

Moldings are the finishing touch for your new floor.

T Molding: is used to transition between flooring of same heights and sometimes  different types, (laminate/laminate, laminate/tile).

Robina Floors T Molding

Quarter Round: is used when existing moldings, such as wallbases, are in place and you have to cover expansion spaces.

Robina Floors Quarter Round
 Reducer: is used to transition from one height to another, for instance wood/laminate to vinyl see certainteed windows.  Robina Floors Reducer
 Square Nose: is used to transition from one height to another   Robina Floors End Cap/Square Nose
 Stair Nose: The Stair Nose moldings provide a transition at a step down location.  Robina Floors Stair Nose