Enjoy Your Bath Again…Safely and Affordably

Unfortunately, for many seniors with mobility issues, the fear of falling has made their bathtub seem dangerous. And with good reason... over 13 million American seniors will suffer a fall this year, with most falls happening in the bathroom. For others, climbing over the ledge in and out of a traditional tub is no longer an option.

Being unable to bathe safely at home, an essential activity of independent daily living, leads to costly in-home assistance and a lost sense of dignity and vitality. Worse yet, it sometimes leads to leaving your home for an expensive assisted living facility.

Now there’s a simple, affordable solution that combines bathing safety with revitalizing hydrotherapy, all while protecting your independence. Meet the Safe Step Walk In Bath Tubs… the premier solution to protecting your independence and staying in your home.

Bathing Safely

Unlike traditional bathtubs, a walk in tub features a wide, leak-proof door that allows simply taking a small, safe step into your tub rather than stepping precariously over the ledge of a regular tub. Everything from the ergonomically designed seat and controls to the skid-resistent tub floor and grab bar to anti-scald water temperature protection is designed with your safety in mind.

Healing Hydrotherapy

Enjoying a relaxing soak in hot water has been practiced by many cultures around the world for centuries. With over 30 years in the Hydrotherapy Business the team at Safe Step Walk In Bath Tubs have added the ultimate healing properties of moving water, hydrotherapy, chromatherapy, reflexology and Pressure Point healing technology to a hot water soak…and bringing it right into your bathroom setting, beautifully.

Replaces Your Old Bathtub

Safe Step Walk-In Bath Tubs are designed to fit in the space left after removing your old, traditional tub. They’re perfect for remodels, as well as new construction. Our network of expert installers have the accessories, trim kits and know-how to customize your installation (and clean up after themselves) so you’ll be completely satisfied.

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