Stannah Stair Lifts is an international stair lift manufacturer with offices throughout the USA. If stairs are becoming a problem in your home then a Stannah Stair lift may be the answer. What sets them apart from other manufacturers is that Stannah claim to have the most versatile stairlift for narrow stairways and for stairs that are curved, spiral or have one or more bends in them.

Installing a Stannah Stair Lift

Stannah stairlifts are easily installed and just as easily removed when no longer needed. They require no structural changes to your staircase and are much cheaper than having to install an elevator or completing expensive home renovations. Stannah stair lifts offer a free, no obligation home evaluation and will assist you in choosing the perfect stair lift to suit your specific requirements. Stannah will also take care of the installation for you.

How do Stannah stair lifts operate?

A Stannah stair lift is a motorized chair that travels along a rail on one side.
The rail is fixed to some of the stair treads and not the wall.
All Stannah stairlifts are plugged into a regular power outlet and are battery powered meaning that they will work even in a power outage.
The battery recharges automatically when the stair lift is not in use.
At the top of the stairs the chair swivels to ensure a safe exit at the top of the landing.
The weight limit is 350lbs for straight stair lifts, 265lbs for stairs with a turn in them, and 300lbs for outdoor lifts.

Staircase requirements for a Stannah Stair Lift

Minimum 3 steps
Maximum 26 steps for straight stairs. No maximum for stairs that bend.
Minimum width is 27" for straight and 29" for other.
Can be installed on carpet, wood, metal, stone or concrete.
Doors situated at the top and/or bottom of the stairs are usually no problem
Handrails can either be left in place or relocated.
Power outlet should be on the same side as the chair being installed.

Who can use a Stannah stair lift?

Most users of stannah stair lifts are able to walk on flat surfaces but find stairs difficult
Wheelchair users who can transfer from the wheelchair to another chair should be able to use a stair lift.
Controls are easy to use and should suit even arthritic hands.

Stannah Chair Options

One of the advantages of the Stannah indoor stair lift range is that they come in a variety of style and color options to suit your home decor. Depending on the style and your budget, you can choose to have your chair upholstered in either leather, woven or vinyl finishes in a wide range of different colors. Various indoor chair style options include:

Stannah Sofia stairlift - This chair is suitable for all indoor requirements and features a full length back for the ultimate in comfort and style.

Stannah Solus stairlift - This chair is suitable for all indoor requirements and is a more contemporary design.

Stannah Saxon stairlift - For straight stairs only this chair is particularly suited to narrow staircases with its slimline profile.

Stannah Sarum stairlift - A classic, good looking chair that is designed specifically to negotiate bends and awkward staircases.

Straight Stairs

Straight stair lifts are the easiest and the cheapest to install. The Stannah 420 is designed for this purpose and includes:

Batteries that are constantly charging
Folding footrest that is connected to the arm rest so you don't have to bend down.
Swivel seat that turns smoothly and easily away from the stairs at the top of the landing.
Optional powered swivel seat that is operated by a remote for even extra safety.
Optional automatic folding track when there is a doorway at the bottom of the stairs that may be partially obstructed by the track. This can be seen in operation in the video below.

Stairs that turn or curve

If your stair case is curved, spiral or has one or more bends or changes in direction then a Stannah 260 curved-rail stairlift is designed for you. An extra turn can also be made at the top and/or bottom of the stairs so that you can park the chair out of the way (a good option if space is limited on the staircase itself). Features include:

Custom-fit rail made to your staircase specifications. No matter how complicated your staircase is the chair will negotiate all bends smoothly.
Computer assisted measuring procedure to ensure a perfect fit.
Option to park the chair away from the stairs if more convenient, particularly if there will be other people walking the stairs.
Swivel seat to ensure safe dismount at top of the stairs.
Optional Powered swivel operated via remote control for additional safety.
Outside Stairs

The Stannah 320 outdoor stairlift is designed to operate safely and continuously in a wide range of outdoor conditions from warm salty coastal areas to snow prone regions. Features of the Stannah 320 include:

Battery charger is installed indoors or in a garage to ensure a constantly charging battery in all weather conditions.
Seat is made from specially designed components to give it rugged protection from the weather.
Swivel seat on smooth roller bearings for ease and comfort.
Suitable for straight stair installations only.

Maintenance of a Stannah stair lift.

Stannah stair lifts are designed to require minimal maintenance. They do require some routine care and Stannah recommend that you arrange an annual service for indoor units and twice yearly for outdoor models. This will take around one hour and includes cleaning, lubricating, battery check and testing of all safety features.

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